Yennai Arindhal movie review

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‘ Yennai arindhal ‘ movie is yet an another chapter from a cop’s life, by Gautham vasudev menon. Unlike his other two films ‘kakkha kakkha ‘  and Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu where the former  has an emotional undercurrent  with a romantic  track and the latter with detective thriller, this movie  handles the character study of a cop through his life.


Father of teenaged  sathyadev (Ajith) is shot dead by a gangster. To take revenge he has a dilemma whether  he should cross the line between good and bad?  Sathyadev  choses good path  and becomes a cop. He gets rid of a gangster Mathew (stunt-silva) with the help  of  his  henchman, victor (arun vijay)

Sathyadev falls in  love with Hemanika ( Trisha), who is a single mother and  a dancer. But unfortunately  Hemanika is murdered on the eve of their wedding and Sathyadev leaves the country with her daughter Esha. After some years Sathyadev chooses to step into his cop shoes  when he has to protect Thenmozhi (Anushka) from an illegal organ harvesting group headed by Victor. Then starts the thrill chase which continues till the climax.

The female characters are well fitted and groomed uniquely in which Gowtham menon is always good at. The characterization of Sathyadev and Victor where the former manages to destroy evil even though he loses people close to his heart because of selecting good path and the latter who chooses to be a gangster is very good. Especially the telephonic conversation between Sathyadev and Victor explains how the attitude of a person’s life. Ajith scores well with his charisma and he comes in 4 to 5 distinct looks. Ajith draws the entire viewers to his side through his well moulded acting. Adding to the direction of  Gautham,  goes well the cinematography by Dan Macarthur.


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