Renault is always famous for its innovations


Renault Lodgy was introduced in Chennai on 13th April 2015 by Sumit sawhney, country Ceo and Managing Director Renault India operation. During the launch, his interview with a2zmotors :- What is the stance of Renault in the Indian Automobile Industry?

Sumit sawhney:- Renault has  strong presence in the world Automobile Industry for the past 117 years. We entered the Indian market 3years back and since then our growth has been steady. We now have 2% share in the whole Indian automobile sales and we have planned to increase it to 5% before this year end.

Being the No 1 European brand in India, we have so far won 44 awards for our products and being in the 9th place among the automobile manufactures in India are the evidence for our increasing growth. Increasing the sales growth from 2% to 5% is almost one and a half times more. What are your plans to achieve this?

Sumit sawhney:- We have many expansion plans for this. At present there are 157 sales outlets which we have planned to increase to 205 by this year end. And before 2016 December it would be increased to 280. It is worth to mention here that we have 14 sales center in Tamil Nadu and One in Pondicherry.

We are first automobile manufactures from abroad to have Drive Centre in India. We have state of the art Technical research Center to bring out innovative technologies to meet the needs of Indian customers. What are the innovation you would like to mention about Renault.

Sumit sawhney:- Renault is always famous for its innovations. It is the first manufacturer in the world to introduce gear boxes in cars. MPV segment was first introduced by Renault 30 years back. Even the base model of our cars would have most of the luxury and safety features. In Lodgy’s base model you can find body colour bumper, AC, ABS Braking, Power Steering, Innovative Engine and 56 ways of seat adjustments etc.. Could you tell us what’s more unique about Lodgy?

Sumit sawhney:- Renault Duster had already won 31 awards for its look and performance which has the look of an SUV and driving comfort of a Sedan. Similarly Lodgy breaks new ground in performance fuel efficiency, comfort and features, combining the best offerings of a Sedan and the space and convenience of a MPV. Nissan Micra and Sunny share the same platform of Renaults pluse and Scala. Does Lodgy share the platform of Evalia?

Sumit sawhney:- Lodgy does not share the platform of Evalia and it has been designed with more  uniqueness.





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